Anonymous asked:

Hi jw bc I see it on your blog a lot but what is arashi??

yixingsosweet answered:

Arashi is one love and happiness! They are a 5-member boy group, well more like men now because they’re all over 30. IMO, they are one of the most popular groups in Japan, I’m not quite sure if they’ve surpassed SMAP yet, but SMAP has been considered the most popular group in Japan… but anyway… They belong to an agency similar to SM Entertainment (actually, their releases in Korea has been through SM) and have been a group since 1999. They actually debuted on a ship in Hawaii and they will be having a concert in Hawaii next month (but it’s only opened to their fanclub members and lucky locals of Hawaii). They’ve never had a concert in the United States so this is a really big deal. So this year marks their 15th year together. This group is just so wonderful and they’ve never fought and I love them so much… Kpop stars have mentioned them too — Leeteuk on Star Golden Bell, KARA on Star Golden Bell, D.O. in a sina interview thing (I cried)…

The members (oldest to youngest):

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this is the greatest